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How To Wear Leg Warmers
Post On:2013-11-28 04:11:12
There are so many options for how to wear leg warmers, but the mere mention of the word brings about visions of neon colors and some less than stellar sartorial selections. Done correctly, though, adding leg warmers for women to your wardrobe - as well as making them must-have accessories for city-girl commute to work or your post workout routine - will score you major style points.
Leg Warmers for Boots
One of the most stylish ways to wear leg warmers is leg warmers for boots. Simply pair your leg warmers with a great set of riding boots. Pull your leg warmers on and allow them to peek over the top of your boot, giving the impression that you’re wearing thick socks, or fold your leg warmers over the top of your boot to keep them from sliding down throughout the day. Our Cable Knit Trimmed Classic leg warmers are the perfect way to achieve this on-trend look, but any pair of knitted or crochet leg warmers will do the trick.
Dahlia - Cable Knit Trimmed Classic Boot Shaft Style Soft Acrylic Leg Warmer
Another great way to wear leg warmers for boots is with rubber rain boots. While rain boots are a great way to keep your feet and legs dry while traipsing through puddle and snow, they don’t offer much in the way of insulation. To minimize the chill that you’ll undoubtedly feel during the cool fall and winter months, select a pair of leg warmers that complement your boots (and/or ensemble), and wear them the same way you would wear them with riding boots.
Leg Warmers with “Booties”
Wearing leg warmers with booties (boots that are only ankle height) is a great way to add interest to your ensemble while providing practical warmth.

Dahlia - Fancy Sparkling Fashion Ribbed Knit Soft Acrylic Leg Warmer

There are a few spins on this look which will suit any type of outfit you’re working with. If you’d like to add a bit of flair, choose leg warmers that are a bright color, or have a bit of shimmer to them, worn over black leggings or tights. If you’re simply looking for added warmth, choose a pair of knit leg warmers that match your other clothing pieces (such as black leg warmers worn over black leggings). Our       would be perfect with a pair of chic booties, and come in a variety of colors.
Once you’ve selected your leg warmers, be sure that you wear them so that they cover your booties a bit, rather than scrunching them up above the top of the shoes.
Leg Warmers as Tights
In addition to traditional leg warmers, Dahlia also offers a wide range of thigh high leg warmers, which can be used in place of nylons/tights when worn with skirts. This range of leg warmers is generally long enough to be pulled up to mid to upper thigh, and wrap around your foot, leaving only your toes exposed, meaning there won’t be any skin visible between your ankle and your shoes.
For everyday wear, we recommend our Basic Simple Thigh High Leg Warmers. If you’re looking to add a bit of extra warmth or interest to your ensemble, we offer a variety of cable knit leg warmers, including our Narrow Cable and Rib Knit selection.

Dahlia - Classic Narrow Cable and Rib Knit Thigh High Leg Warmers
Functional Usage
In addition to adding some variety to your wardrobe, leg warmers serve a very functional and practical purpose. Just as their name states, they’re quite useful for warming your legs. Many people use leg warmers at night, when the weather is cool, to add a bit of extra warmth to their sleeping environment without piling on extra pillow and layers of clothing.
Additionally, many individuals who walk or take public transportation to work use leg warmers under their work attire to keep their legs warm during their commute, which may expose them to the elements for any length of time. By using leg warmers, they’re able to avoid the hassle of bringing a set of “commuting clothes” and “work clothes” with them daily on their journey, and are able to avoid any chill they may encounter on their commute.
Sports Usage
Finally, the use of leg warmers is quite commonplace in the sporting world. Dancers, joggers, gymnasts, and soccer players frequently employ the use of leg warmers to keep their muscles warm and limber throughout their practices and rehearsals. In fact, ballet leg warmers are probably the most well-known use of leg warmers. Additionally, leg warmers are used to provide an extra layer of warmth when athletes are exposed to the elements without requiring additional layers of bulky clothing that might impede their physical performance.
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