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How to Wear Scarves 2
Post On:2022-06-02 15:06:19

As Fashion Accessories


This elegant style is the perfect way to discreetly add a beautiful scarf to your outfit.
One way:
  1. Put your hair in a temporary ponytail, leaving a few pieces down on the sides of your head to go under the tie.
  2. Take a square scarf, hold two opposite corners and roll the ends to form a long skinny hair tie.
Place the middle of this tie at the crown of your and tie a tight knot at the back of your neck. Then let your hair out of the ponytail and you are ready to go.
Another way:
  1. Fold the scarf in wide section and place the center at your hairline on your forehead.
  2. Then draw the ends to the back of your head and tie a knot or bow, keeping your hair under the scarf from front to back.

Head Wrap

This vintage style head wrap is the refined and tasteful way to bring a touch of fine art to your appearance.
  1. Bring the opposite corners of a square scarf together to form a triangle
  2. Place the middle of the triangle at the center of your forehead.
  3. Cross the ends of the scarf around your neck then hold the ends to the back of your head to make a knot.


For a less casual look, try a scarf tied around your neck as a neckerchief.
  1. Fold the square scarf diagonally, just as with the bandana.
  2. Tightly roll the material to form a long, skinny tie.
  3. Tie the scarf around your neck with one simple knot.
  4. This formal update of the bandana style looks flawless and classy when worn in solid colors.

Scarf Belt

For this look, it is best to dress in basic solid colors and choose a bright bold scarf to act as your belt.
Fold an oblong scarf horizontally to the width of your choice, then tie the scarf in a knot or bow at the waist-line. Make sure not to place the tie at the center of the waist, but rather slightly to the right or left side and let the ends hang.

Purse Tie

Tie your scarf to the base of the handle on your purse to add a little pizzazz and personal style to your fashion. You can carry the same purse all week without looking bland or boring or taking all the time. Just change up the scarf tied to your handbag, and you can have a new look each day without all the hassle.

Shawl Sarong

Great for a refreshing and chic beach look. Colorful sheer cotton shawl sarong goes with any neutral color swimsuit. You can also have fun and be creative to match a shawl with your multicolored swimwear. It can be worn as stylish one piece skirt or exotic mini dress on your beach getaway.
Hold the shawl around your waist, grabbing a corner in each hand. Bring them together at one side and tie around your hip.
Mini dress
Center the shawl behind your back, just above your bust. Wrap the fabric around you body and make a knot above your bust.
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