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No Show, Non Slip Liner Dress Socks by Dahlia

Women who love fashionable shoes are often faced with a no-win choice: go sockless and deal with sweaty feet OR try wearing so-called no-show socks. The no show socks currently on the market are still visible, constantly slipping/sliding/skidding, or just plain uncomfortable.
Since the beginning of this year, we have researched thousands of customer reviews and hundreds of related forums. Then we bought almost every style of no show liner socks available in stores and online – from Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, Target, Walmart, and
Amazon, just to name a few, priced from less than $1 to $10 per pair. Our goal: create no show socks that are truly invisible, stay-on and comfy all day.


After months of trial and error, we have finally developed liner socks that are truly no show, non slip, and so comfortable that you’d forget you are actually wearing them. We tested our liners with hundreds of pairs of women’s loafers, flats, dress shoes, and heels to make sure they're truly hidden, even for very low flats.
We’ve also worn them to go shopping and at work to make sure they stay on and remain comfortable. With over 20 years of expertise in product development and production, we’re confident that you will be happy with our socks’ quality, price, and design.

Our #1 secret that sets our product apart from every other liner on the market is our 3-dimensional, form-fitting design. Many other socks use a 2-dimensional flat cut. We decided that our feet are 3-dimensional, so our liner socks should be, too.
What does a 3-dimensional cut mean? This clothing construction isn’t actually new. It is the same technique that must be used to custom tailor formal attire, high-end wedding gowns, or evening dresses. Tailors use a form-fitting cut that tightly follows the contours of the body part being covered. We don’t just rely on stretch like our competitors, but this high-fashion-inspired technique. We saw impressive benefits in our no show socks:

dahlia liner sock feature

Benefit 1: True No Show Design
This form-fitting design enables our socks to be ultra-low cut without slipping off or showing, even in low cut flats and heels.
Benefit 2: Form-Fitting Comfort
Our socks’s form-fitting design smoothly wraps your feet instead of bunching. Leading brands rely only on stretchy material which leave a very deep impression within half hour of wearing.
We have a few more features that ensure that our liner socks are comfortable for all-day wear:

Feature 1: Comfortable Material   
Based on our over 20-year production experiences, we used lightweight cotton for the sock bottoms. This material absorbs sweat without added heat. The side of socks is made of rayon. Besides being breathable, lightweight, and sweat absorbing, this silky material offers a luxurious fit and icy cool feel even on those hot summer days.
Feature 2: Smart Silicone Touches 
Silicone on the inner ankle rim further keep the sock from slipping, while silicone on the sole ensures zero skidding.

See our first Four No Show, Non Slip liner dress sock designs below!
Dahlia Liner Socks

Truly No Show

  • Ultra-low cut in nude, cream, beige colors keep these socks invisible to the eye
Non Slip, Non Skid
  • Silicone patch on the Achilles keeps the sock up
  • Silicone on the sole prevents skidding
  • Form-fitting design creates a snug fit that keeps socks on without bunching or leaving an impression
  • Lightweight cotton bottom absorbs sweat without added heat

Each design has unique features for wearers’ varying needs.

1. Ultra-Low Icy Silky Liner

Who Should Wear Them? Women who are sensitive to heat. Its silky rayon material delivers a silky luxurious fit and icy cool feel even on those hot summer days.  

What Kind of Shoes? It has the lowest cut among the four to go with those ultra-low cut leather and suede shoes.

ultra low icy silky liner sock

2. Ultra-Low All-Cotton Liner

Who Should Wear Them? Women who sweat heavily or have sensitive skin.  

What Kind of Shoes? Besides leather and suede shoes, it also pairs well with ultra-low canvas shoes.

ultra low all cotton liner sock

3.  Invisible-Seam Icy Silky Liner

Who Should Wear Them? 

Wearers who are sensitive to rough seams and heat, both of which contribute to blisters. Its silky rayon material keeps feet cool even in summer and its flat seams can’t be felt, not even in tight-fit shoes.

What Kind of Shoes? It pairs well with leather and suede shoes.

invisible seam icy silky liner sock

4. Lace Liner

Who Should Wear Them? Anyone who enjoys chic lace design.

What Kind of Shoes? Any low-cut shoe! Form-fitting silicone edging keeps the sock snug around the foot. Non skid silicone patches prevent the sock from slipping inside shoes.

lace liner sock

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