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Types of Winter Hats for Women
Post On:2017-08-23 11:08:34
Baby it’s cold outside! As the temperature begins to drop, wearing a winter hat becomes a necessity - but it doesn’t need to be a style killer. There are a few different types of winter hats for women, and each is suited to a different style and purpose.

 Pearl Accented Angora Blend Slouch Beanie Cap Hat Acrylic and Rabbit Hair Fluffy Twisted Knit Classic Beret Style Beanie Cap Hat - Purple Boho Style Pattern Knitted Acrylic Dangle Pompom Hat - Pink
Beanie Beret Pompom Hat
Chic Flower Wool Blend Newsboy Hat - Red Super Soft Angora Classic Flower Ruffle Laciness Knitted Beanie Cap Hat Elegant Flower Wool Bucket Slouch Hat - Teal Blue
Newsboy Hat Fitted Beanie Bucket Hat
Vintage Large Bow Wool Cloche Bucket Hat    
Cloche Hat    
  • Beanie - Beanie hats are casual and are a go-to hat of choice for many women. A plain beanie can be worn with jeans and a casual ensemble, while one with some embellishments will be perfectly suited to a more formal outfit.
  • Beret - Berets are reminiscent of the beatnik era, and can provide even the most casual outfit with an air of sophistication. Choose a beret if you’re trying to dress up your simple jeans and black shirt.
  • Pompom Hat - Pompom hats are a staple of casual dressing in the winter. Those that participate in winter sports, such as skiing and snowboarding, can often be found wearing Pompom hats, as their knitted makeup provides extra warmth, while the pull strings allow for easy adjustments with mittened hands.
  • Newsboy Hat - Newsboy hats are fitted, with a bit of a brim to protect against both wind and rain. While a newsboy hat with embellishments could be worn with dressier outerwear, they are most typically seen as a more casual option.
  • Fitted Beanie - A fitted beanie provides all of the warmth of a regular beanie, while also providing a bit more formality and sophistication. Fitted beanies - along with all other fitted style hats - also provide extra protection and assurance during windy weather, so you never need to worry about your hat flying off.
  • Bucket Hat - Bucket hats are a bit looser than fitted beanies, and a bit tighter than a cloche hat. The “in between” nature of this hat means that it can be quite versatile, and would look stylish dressed up or down.
  • Cloche Hat - The cloche hat is a staple of the 1920s, but remains a very stylish option today. It’s a close-fitting hat that provides a bit of structure to your ensemble and would work well with more formal outerwear.
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